Enjoy Awesome Onboarding With the LINE Welcome Kit

Our award-winning LINE Welcome Kit helps new hires feel like they’re part of the LINE family


Congratulations, you’ve made it through the application and interview process and are now ready to join LINE. So, what’s next?


That’s a question we answer with the LINE Welcome Kit, a unique and award-winning way of getting to know your new workplace. The onboarding package goes to all news hires, helping them to get to know LINE faster and to take pride in company.


In fact, the LINE Welcome Kit was recognized by two prominent design awards, the iF Design Award 2019 and the Red Dot 2019 Best of the Best award. So, let’s take a look at what make the LINE Welcome Kit so special.


Rather than just giving you a pile of welcoming materials, we make a point of presenting the LINE Welcome Kit to you in stylish, sophisticated packaging. The packaging helps to tell LINE’s story, with an elegant, intelligent presentation that suggests the kind of thoughtful and unified experience people expect with LINE.


The LINE FRIENDS characters may be some of LINE’s best-known intellectual property, but, in fact, today’s LINE prefers a somewhat different corporate image, emphasizing a company that is smart, professional and elegant. That branding is reflected in the LINE Welcome Kit, which contains cool-looking magnets, pens, stationary and more, all featuring the iconic LINE logo.


The LINE Welcome Kit is more than just a gift. It offers full set of experiences for new hires, from greeting them, to setting up their work space, to adapting to office life to a LINER. When opening the LINE Welcome Kit, you first see a greeting card, then a checklist, followed by gift vouchers and a diary.


The true value of the LINE Welcome Kit goes beyond its expense, it forms the foundation of a new LINER’s bond with the company. The pride that our new employees feel from that connection is priceless, and is a key part of becoming a LINER.


At LINE CREATIVE, designers design for everyone who comes into contact with LINE, including the people who work here. That’s why we are always thinking of ways to discover and develop the value of LINE as a brand.  :)

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