LINE’s WOW AWARDS Win Red Dot Design Prize

LINE CREATIVE has a history of getting recognized for their impressive work


On January 9, 2020, LINE held the Global WOW Project Awards 2019, one of the company’s biggest events of the year. The awards celebrate LINE’s best projects from the year before, those that create a sense of “WOW” to our users and that respond quickly to market trends. LINERs around the world watched the candidates present their projects live and voted on their favorites.


Red Dot Awards 2020

After three months of preparations, the WOW Awards were submitted to the Red Dot Brands & Communication Awards after the actual event was held in January. The Red Dot Awards are considered one of the three major international design awards, and this year they had over 6,900 entries from 50 countries, with 24 professional juries participating in screening. On July 18, the WOW Awards were announced as a winner, an achievement that was celebrated throughout the company.


LINE's Dream of 'WOW'

LINE’s aim is always to make services loved by users all over the world and to tackle the biggest challenges. In other words, we’re looking to make people go “WOW” – meaning, we want to make those amazing experiences that, when you first encounter them, you immediately want to share with friends.


The WOW Awards even used a key logo as motif – a graphic containing the word “WOW” was tilted on its side and highlighted to reveal the symbol “NO. 1” inside it. That creative overlap is a great symbol of all we’re aiming to achieve at LINE – creating WOW, and through WOW become a No. 1 leading service.


The “WOW=NO.1” graphic motif has been used as a key visual in live presentations, on posters, in videos, on trophies and for a range of other products. Together, these exciting creations have been recognized for their design quality and creativity, which led to the WOW Awards becoming the winner of the Red Dot Awards.


Red Dot Award History

In addition to the WOW Awards winning the award, LINE CREATIVE has produced many other winning services at the Red Dot Awards, including the LINE Welcome Kit, TALE, and B612. And thanks to the talented and inspired designers who make up LINE CREATIVE, we’re sure there will be many more big successes to come!

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