LINE Seed Sans

LINE Seed Sans’s DNA

LINE Seed Sans is a Gothic type font without the serif, developed from the shape of LINE's wordmark and its characteristic of rounded corner. The name of font, Seed, conveys the meaning to be planted in LINE and LINE's services, sprouted and fruited when grow up with users.



· Optimized diagonals add crispness
· Prominent outstrokes(f/t/j) 
· Closed apertures, maintaining structure, and round feel 


LINE Seed Sans Font-family

There are 5 weight levels in LINE Seed - Thin, Regular, Bold, ExtraBold and Heavy. various weigths is useful for distinguishing between the body and the title and increases readability.

LINE Seed Ligature

LINE Seed Sans has a feature called Ligature implemented, it improves the readability by optimizing fonts' shape as below for certain letters in a row (e.g., fi, ff, fl, fj) 


LINE Seed Icon

LINE Seed Sans contains various icons of LINE. Icon is delivers LINE's various services intuitively and concisely, and increases visual attention to information delivery.