LINE Seed Sans KR

LINE Seed Sans’s DNA

LINE Seed Sans KR shares the same DNA with LINE Seed Sans (EN), thus even when the languages are switched, it delivers the consistent tone & manner. 

The baseline and volume is fined-tuned to be looked as a single language, no additional adjustment is required when the English and Korean texts are used in one sentence. LINE Seed Sans KR is a squared-typed font, the text line is stable. 




There are 3 weight levels in LINE Seed Sans KR - Thin/Regular/Bold. various weigths is useful for distinguishing between the body and the title and increases readability.


Punctuation marks

LINE Seed Sans KR has its own punctuation marks, which is customized for Korean. (Please select 'Italian' to check them in adobe programs, as currently KR punctuation marks is not supported.) 



LINE Seed Sans KR, as same as LINE Seed Sans, has various icons of LINE. Icon is delivers LINE's various services intuitively and concisely, and increases visual attention to information delivery.