LINE Plus product designers celebrate the New Year (responsibly, of course) .

In December 2020, the LINE Plus Product Design department in Korea held a year-end party — a socially distanced party, but still it was a lot of fun and a good way to support everyone's hard work throughout 2020!


Who would have thought that COVID-19 pandemic would last this long? Many things have changed since the novel coronavirus began, so we were not able to hold this year's annual year-end party — at least, not in the usual way. Instead, we moved our party online, so the LINE Product Design department could celebrate a year of hard work even while maintaining good social distance.


Theme - Online Travel

Traveling abroad is one of the things that all of us have missed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The preparatory committee decided to set a theme of this year’s party as ‘Online Travel at home’ so members can enjoy the mood of travelling together. Members were divided into groups by sub-theme. Members from the first group chose a country from five continents each: Asia, South America, North America, Europe and Africa, while members of the other group prepared costumes that were themed around the interior of the aircraft.

How to Hold a Remote Party Dinner

Before the event, the committee delivered a meal and drinks to each member's home, so that we could all enjoy a party atmosphere, with the same food and drinks, even though we were all in different spaces.

The party begins by showing off your costumes!

As a design organization, everyone who participated in the event prepared creative costumes and background images that perfectly fit the theme. The team whose destination was North America showed up as an engineer from Silicon Valley, while the Asian team was dressed up with local make-up. Members from the group with an aircraft theme participated with pilots and flight attendant costumes. Because the members prepared enthusiastically, we all laughed and had fun as each member showed up on screen to show off their attire. Then, once the costume displays were finished, it was time to really get started and toast 2020.

LINE QUIZ Show to break the ice

Next, it was quiz time as an ice breaker, and the colleagues who had been quite shy at first raised their voices to shout out the team’s name for their turn. The atmosphere got most heat when we all played the ‘Be One at Home’ quiz, an activity designed to get people moving. Members had to look for items quickly, such as “Go get the biggest LINE FRIENDS character goods at home.” We were all surprised when a member brought a stuffed Cony doll bigger than a person. There were also other quiz games such as ‘Catch Mind’ and ‘Guess the Movie.’ Members participated competitively and we all laughed when a member even asked for re-judgement, saying there was a time lag due to their internet connection.

Awards & Prizes - Thanks to the members for the job well done!

After the fun quizzes and some good food, it was also a time to give out presents to the members who made the most notable achievements in 2020. The committee also prepared questionnaires at the party when members could all participate such as ‘Who does not seem lonely at all while remote work?,’ ‘Who is the best dresser of the night?’ and so on. ‘Best Dresser of 2020’ went to the Asia team for preparing detailed costumes, beards and even Bindi. The committee also awarded the creative award to the most creative member, the growth award to the member who has grown remarkably, the positivity award to the member who always has a positive impact on everyone, and so on.

Thanks to everyone

The remote year-end party for the LINE Product Design department was a big success. There has been a lot of sudden changes in daily life and our working environments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we have learned it is important to spend time with good people. The LINE Product Design department would like to continue creating a culture that keeps each other close even though we must secure physical distance — just like LINE's mission says: ‘Closing the Distance.’



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